Sex traffic

Did you think slavery was something humankind has left behind in some long gone dark ages? Well, you were wrong. Slavery, in some of  its most brutal forms manages to coexist with our modern world. Of course, it’s not „legal”. Officialy, the state, the laws and the all the important public actors find it utterly reprehensible. But in fact, each and single one of these entities mentioned, at some point shake hands with the slavery that abides underground. The world we live in is a dark place, a place that finds little room for a song like Louis Armostrng’s What a woderful world. In fact, you can’t stop wandering how is it even possible that such a song may be conceived.  In any case, we should at least keep it’s singing confined to privileged places like Denmark, which has been designated as the happiest country in the world. Coming back to slavery, today you will find it in many forms, but the most frequent of  all is the so called „sex traffic”.  Yes, women are being bought and sold like cattle. Raped and used like singe-use objects. And all for money. And all under the all-seeing eye of the state. Officialy, the state is against any form of slavery. But those in charge with applying the law are oftenly and unsupringly seduced by the incredible large amounts of money involved in bussineses such as prostitution or drugs. You think that the states of the world are fighting illegal drug traffic? One cannot but wonder at the inefficiency of this so called fight. If the most powerfull people of the world would some sunny  day decide that they want a heroin-free world, than I can assure you that nothing would stand in their way. But when you can make more money out of drugs than you can make out of oil, one should be mad to fight it, right? So the fighting goes on against the little fishes, to create the illusion of a war, while the big fishes go about their bussines undisturbed. 

The same with sex traffic. I have just watched a movie with this exact title,  Sex traffic. It was directed, quite surprisingly for me, by the director of Harry Potter . I totaly hate Harry Potter, but I found myself loving this film. Not because it is partly filmed in Romania and has some romanian actors, but because it depicts with awesome clarity the suffering endured by the victims of sex trafficking and the way those responsible with fighting it were actually involved in it.

Now, some will say that prostitution is a job like any other, except those relatively rare cases when there is an abduction involved. Perhaps the only time when you get to laugh when watching this film is when you are forced to realize that prostitution is not at all a job, in a short dialogue in which a journalist complains to Elena, a prostitute he is helping escape slavery, that he has just lost his job and she answers back that she has lost hers too. Let’s put our imagination at work and let’s try to imagine a woman who actualy grows up dreaming to become a prostitute or a porn-star. We need but one moent’s thought to realize that no such woman exist, and that each and every one of those selling their bodys are, in one way or another, victims. Pornography, as prostitution, is based on the exploitation of women under the illusion of freedom, a point well made by feminism, and perhaps one the few points were feminism manages to stay pertinent.

One of the basic laws of economics says that where there is demand there is always supply. So what keeps this modern form of slavery alive today is the demand for paid sex, be it in the flesh, like in prostitution, or virtually, like in pornography. It’s not because I am going to Sweden in a few days that I am saying this, but it is because Sweden has shown the world how a problem can be solved when one actually wants to solve it. Sweden, by an unusual and extrordinary law, has decided that responsible for the existence of prostitution is the client and has decided to act accordingly, that is by punishing him, the client. By so doing, it has decreased the demand for prostitutes and now Sweden is the most prostitution free country in the world, altough, according to statistics, Denmark, it’s neighbour, continues to be the happier one. You can read about it here .

If only we should have more eagerness to look into what things really are. Perhaps we would then come to understand that pornography is not just „inocent” entertainment suitable for adults, but a sad, tragic show of human decay in which the viewer finds joy by reducing a human being to the status of a mere piece of meat and by assuming that the piece of meat is actually enjoying  its status. After all, pornography is nothing more than a virtualized form of prostitution.

Now, if someone is still wandering about the salvery in the modern world, perhaps after reading this he or she  is more prepared to see it beneath its fancy, trendy, modern clothes, of which some are called modern, legal,  prostitution and some pornography, because in pornography  slavery finds it’s most insidious form, that is by convincing the very victim and its merry viewers that there is nothing wrong as long as those involved are consenting adults. But it is the very nature of this consent that is being mistified in pornography, given that, with extremly rare exceptions, no human being wants to be treated like a tasty piece of meat. For those not willing to do this, they can watch Sex Traffic where they can see some real slaves.

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