What’s the worst one can say about God

The worst thing one can say about God is that He rules the world. This is, I think,  the supreme blasphemy.

To say that God doesn’t exist or that He is not good (the first in all seriousness, the second maybe half serious, half joking), is not by far as outrageous as saying that He rules the world. By ruling I mean absolute control over everything that is happening. To say that God does not exist or that He is not essentially good, is to force reality into saying more than it is able to say. We do not see God, so concluding that He doesn’t exist is in a way based in empirical reality. Of course, it ignores the very real possibility that things we cannot see may actually exist.

We live a world in which the quantity of evil and suffering is about the same as the quantity of good and joy. To conclude that God is not good  (the similarity between God and good is quite striking in English, but of course this is not the case in other languages), assuming that the world is His creation, is as much in tune with empirical reality as it is to say that He does not exist. But it commits just as much the sin of overstatement.

The world may be very well be God’s creation, but have a head of its own, thus providing a gap between the Creator and the creation. If the world is bad, it does not have to necessarily mean its Creator is also bad. Only when affirming that God rules the world is one implying that God is evil. So to say that God rules the world, in the manner implied by His omnipotence, is much worse than saying that God is not good. If saying that God not good is something more than plain contradiction in terms, than it must mean that this bad god is not almighty, because otherwise the world would be entirely bad. A bad god who is also omnipotent would not allow the world to be good, not even for the fun of it. But an all powerful good God would allow the world to be bad. This is because good is good enough to allow its opposite to exist. But evil is not good enough for this.

Thus, saying that God rules this world is  to make Him responsible for every bit of insanity, injustice, evil and suffering that this world is drown into and, even worse, is to deny the most important thing in this universe and every conceivable universe: freedom. This world is a chaotic mixture of good and evil, circling in a chaotic not-so-merry-go-around. And in this chaotic movement fueled by freedom resides its mystery, its beauty and its justification.


4 gânduri despre „What’s the worst one can say about God

  1. Good point! A bad almighty god is not an option. How about a pantheon of good and bad gods, none of them omnipotent? I don’t think we can eliminate this possibility using only reason and nothing more.

    I was wondering these days about the development of the Universe; Stars are „mortal”; they don’t live forever; a yellow star like our sun becomes a red giant, explodes and then becomes a white dwarf or a black hole (if I recall correctly). Planets’ matter also comes from the stars. Obviously, if stars are „mortal”, so are the planets around them. The same is true about galaxies: they transform continuously, some of them even collide. These things are scientifically proven.

    Although I believe in an Almighty good God, I have difficulties in understanding His way of ruling the Universe. Everything seems to change; death seems to be eternal (although we know it had a beginning, and claim that it is restrained to planet Earth – the only place infested by sin). How does an Almighty God deal with this?
    Parallel Universes maybe?

    1. Parallel Universes is my guess as well. Also, Parallel Universes is the only solution available to those who exlude God as an option in explaining the existence of our Universe. They say that our universe is one of the infinite number of universes, the only one special enough to have the right conditions for life to exist. This hypothesis is just as unscientific as God, but is much preffered over God by some.

      About your pantheon of good and bad gods…I think that if such was the case, none of those gods would deserve to be called god. They would be just super-humans or something like this.

  2. An infinite number of unlucky Universes (obviously improper for life) has nothing to do with science. I was thinking about maybe two Universes: one of them (our own) infested by immorality and death, the other one being perfect.
    However, this rises a few question: is our entire Universe corrupted? Christianity stated that our Earth is the only problem in this perfect Universe (although I don’t find a base for this in the Scriptures). Then what about the other civilized worlds in our own Universe? (whose existence is very likely). Do they have to run from a planet to another one to avoid catastrophes?
    Or maybe after all, there’s nothing wrong with the death of a star or with the clash of two galaxies. Transformation isn’t necessarily bad. Or is it?

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