Ode to a second

Pick a second

Randomly, don’t bother to choose

Take it an squeeze it

Make it sing

Yes, billions have gone  before

And billions will follow

But take this one passing by

It’s priceless

Taste it until it makes you sick

Will it ever?

Touch it until it burns

Burn with it!

See how fragile it is

Don’t make any sudden moves

You’ll scare it

Poor little thing

It’s here only for…well, a second

But where does it go when it passes?

Unless there’s a Big Crunch anytime soon

It’ll never come back

I miss you, sweet second

Soft, sensual second

Fragile, beautiful second

Fallen hero in the greatest war ever

I wish I could live in an eternity made of seconds

I’d call each of them by their names

And they’d answer swiftly

Obey me like one obeys an absolute master

A soft, transparent, luminous veil

Woven from seconds

Caressing both my body and soul



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