Nothing is impossible for a willing heart

When you first hear this saying, you are suddenly faced with a fact that is quite strange, namely that, in some special conditions, all things become possible. Of course, we all know that there are things that are impossible. We grow up learning to accept our limited nature, an inability to solve all problems and to achieve all goals, and this becomes an essential part of the way we view the world and the way we relate to it.
If you are to take this saying seriously, you have to admit that it is rather funny than serious, or that there is something in it that is not quite what it seems to be at the first sight. In other words, if it is not just a joke, there is a special way in which it has to be understood.
The saying has two parts. The first one we have already approached in some way, and it is now the time to say it directly that it is impossible to say that all things are possible. The world is built in such a manner that it does not allow all the subjective projections of the millions of hearts populating it to take actual reality. But, apparently, this is what the saying is stating, that, given a willing heart, there is nothing that is not possible for it. This saying is usually given as an inspiration source able to provide energy for those who do not find enough motivation to go on in a certain matter or to overcome a certain obstacle. Understood in such a way, we see the saying as an acceptable exaggeration serving a noble cause, but this would mean that we are not really taking it seriously.
So, what would the saying mean if we were to take it seriously? Let us imagine a willing heart wishing that the rain would stop so that she or he can go for a walk in the park with the loved one. The heart may be willing, but this will probably won’t stop the rain. So what she or he do in that situation? Well, if the heart is really willing, she or he will take that walk anyway, in the rain, and will probably find reasons to sing in the rain as well. So, what happened? The rain didn’t stop, but the heart has somehow achieved it’s goal. We are now able to see that opposed to a cold and deaf world, the heart has the unique ability to find a way around some certain impossibilities. Of course, this way may sometime come as a sacrifice, but at the same time the heart, or the wish, will some how come to find fulfillment and be satisfied, even if, in the process, it will come to realize that the world, that is the impossibility, has remained unchanghed, and that the change has taken place somewhere elese, that is in the willing heart itself.


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