one poor picture

Sometimes, life is like a poorly taken black and white picture. When things are not clear, when shadows make ghostly appearences that make void any sense of reality, you might find yourself thinking : I wish I was in another picture-life, one with a totaly different setting and composition, one with more luminosity and more lovely colours!
When a picture is bad, the blame is on the one who took it or on the camera, never on the thing that is being captioned into the picture. If a life is poorly lived, it is most likely that the blame is not on the setting, on the sum of given elements that constitutes the infrastructure of a life, but on the one who lives it, who fails to put it into perspective and to make use of the proper tools in order to give it a form and a purpose.

This has not been said in order to make atonement for my poor looks that makes the picture look bad. No, it has been said simply because the picture, be it as poor as it is, needed a comment!

(taken in Rotterdam a few hours ago)


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