Swan song

All the words I know I have called in my service

To make me a swan song

All the useless words of the world I have called in my service

To watch me go down when it all goes terrible wrong

I want to make Shakespeare’s best

Look bad when put to mine next

Or die, or better yet, get unborned, make my mother think twice before deliver

This has to be the final test

An illiterate that faces the abys

Summoning language to make his way straight, to dig him some tunnels

Through the walls that for so long have kept life away

Cause just before he goes, he wants to fully be alive, for just one day

Exalting myself above the highest peak of reason

Conjuring the thought to bow down before me

I need to grow taller than my poor, wretched body

There is no other way to really come to be

A hole must be made in this prison of meat

For one breath of fresh air I would give my last beat

Come out, though you smell like death

Come out, start to live

Come out, said he crying

Come out, stop confusing living with dying!

This pointless hymn is not mine

It’s the swan dying in me that cries

What has been ever solved by speaking?

When have words conquered anything ?

From where the faith in making phrases?

It’s all been said before, the world is still a mess!

Hey, stupid swan, stop singing!

Can’t you see there are no ears for you?

Just die already, and let me get some sleeping

It’s getting late and I am sick and tired too!

This neverending nonsense

These words just would not stop!

I’m so under the bad illusion

That talk can make me have a chance

What sort of magic do I think I master?

It will take millions of years to make a word move something

Stop flowing words already, do it faster!

Before you find yourself exhausted, bleeding, dying in the morning

I will not stop, I need to sing

It makes my heartache ache less

My song some little bits of happiness eventualy will bring

And you will thank me then, when you’re no longer hopeless

Oh dear, poor, naive swan

You know you’re dying, so why the happy-bitter song ?

It should be bitter-dark, or should not be at all!

I’m loosing it already, cause now I’m quarelling within myself

A timid voice, from deep, the basement or my being’s core

Has lost it’s faith in language, because the words it utterd were only dust under the giant Shakespeare foot

It’s the swan crying : let me speak now and I will say no more

If you are lucky, you will one day fall in love, and love will fall in love with you, cause only love that goes both ways is truth

A sad look in the mirror

The swan was dead

She finally had went to bed

But she had made of me an warrior


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